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Introductory Offer

Introductory Offer

12 months cover for the price of 10! 

At checkout, if you select to pay for your policy with a single annual payment, we will automatically discount the price you pay by giving you the equivalent of 2 months absolutely free.

That's a 17% saving on top of your multi-item discount!


Introductory Offer 


Introductory Offer

For example, if you take out a 10 appliance policy and pay annually, you would save a huge £80.80 compared to the equivalent monthly payment option. 

That works out at just 11p per day, per appliance! Click here for the full Price List

  • Select your products

  • Click to checkout

  • Choose the "Annual" payment option

  • Save 17% instantly


TOP TIP: If you're a money saving expert and a saavy saver and use cashback websites, you can save another 10% off your premium!

Introductory Offer    Introductory Offer 



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Introductory Offer Introductory Offer Introductory Offer Introductory Offer 


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Introductory Offer



Introductory Offer