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Warranty Insurance FAQs

Warranty Insurance FAQs

07/04/16   |   Kaput News

Warranty Insurance FAQs

Larger household appliances such as a washing machine or fridge freezer are not cheap to purchase. This means you generally want to get as many years out of the appliance as possible. Repairs also don’t come cheap, and with this in mind you may have given some thought to taking out extended warranty insurance. We have gathered together questions you may have about insurance, and hopefully simplified it for you.

What might extended warranty cover?

This is going to be one of the first questions that might cross your mind and typically an extended warranty may cover:

  • the breakdown of an household appliance after the guarantee of the manufacturer has run out;
  • a policy may typically cover the cost of replacing your household appliance or repairing it;
  • with some providers, such as ourselves, you can take out a policy to cover a single household appliance or more than one.


How does a warranty work?

Whenever you purchase a large household appliance, that appliance comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Typically it will be in the region of one year. This warranty provides protection against the item breaking down within that time frame only. However, chances are that if something is going to happen, it will happen when the warranty runs out. This is when an extended warranty comes into its own.

When the manufacturer’s warranty has run out the extended one takes over. The shop where you purchased the appliance may ask if you want to take out extended cover. However, you can choose to take out warranty insurance with a standalone provider. Standalone providers typically offer more competitive premiums and protection that is more comprehensive.  

Things to look for in an extended warranty

Not all extended warranties may offer the same comprehensive protection. Therefore it may pay to check what is and is not covered in a policy you are considering taking out. For instance you may wish to check the following:

  • protection for both new and second hand appliances is included. Bear in mind that there is typically an age cap on the appliance;
  • whether you have to pay out an excess if you were to make a claim. You might think twice about a policy that has £100 in excess to pay out should you make a claim;
  • does the cost of the policy include parts, labour and call out fees;
  • how easy it is to contact your provider in the event of making a claim;
  • are you able to cover more than one big appliance with the provider;
  • if you cover more than one appliance will a claim mean the premium sky rockets for your other appliances;
  • does the policy cover 100% of the costs to replace the appliance in the event it cannot be repaired? Some providers may only offer as little as 30% towards the cost of replacing the appliance;
  • does the insurance provider keep you up to date once a claim has been made, regarding such as the claims progress?

Peace of mind

More than anything else, extended warranty insurance should provide you with peace of mind that if anything happens to an expensive appliance, it will be repaired or replaced. Imagine how difficult life would be without your washing machine. How would you cope without a fridge freezer, or indeed any other appliance that you rely on day to day? 


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Warranty Insurance FAQs

Warranty Insurance FAQs

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Warranty Insurance FAQs

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Warranty Insurance FAQs

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Warranty Insurance FAQs

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Warranty Insurance FAQs

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