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Top tips for protecting your appliances

Top tips for protecting your appliances

23/03/16   |   Kaput News

Most of the time the large collection of domestic appliances found in the average home are working away nicely, giving no trouble and barely attracting much notice or attention.

It is when one – or more – of them breaks down, however, that you might realise just how much you depend on it and the role it plays in making your day to day life that little bit easier.


So that you might help to keep that painful realisation at bay, here are a few top tips on protecting your appliances:




  • practically any appliance you buy has had a huge amount invested in its design and development;


  • thanks to that technical sophistication, it may give you many years of faithful service – but only if it is treated with the respect it deserves;


  • make sure to read the manual before using it for the first time, therefore, and keep it handy for future reference;




  • many appliances – especially you are likely to have in your kitchen or utility room – need to be properly situated, with space for air to circulate so that they do not overheat;


  • the required clearances are set out in your user’s manual and it is important that you follow these guidelines;


Cleaning and maintenance


  • you may be more likely to take the appliance more than for granted if you spend just a little time keeping it clean and well maintained;


  • odours, bad smells, mould, dirt and other residues are rarely a sign of any malfunction in your appliance, but might still prevent your getting the best use out of it;



  • in the vast majority of cases, this is simply a problem that a good and regular cleaning regime might easily resolve;


Warranty insurance


  • however carefully you are siting and using your appliances, and for all your attention to keeping them clean, here at KAPUT, we recognise that even the best cared for machine may suffer a mechanical or electrical break down;


  • just when you realise quite how much you have come to rely on the appliance – and to prevent a hiccup turning into a major headache – you might want to make use of our warranty insurance products;


  • this enables you to look after up to 10 of your favourite appliances all under the same protection plan;


  • armed with that insurance, if any one of them breaks down, we simply arrange for a qualified engineer to come to your home and fix it – with no more for you to pay in call-out charges, parts, labour or even any insurance excess;


  • if you take advantage of a money-saving multi-appliance insurance plan, cover for any one of those appliances may be as little as just 11p a day (for 6-10 items).


If you want years of faithful service from them, of course it is important to look after your appliances, keep them clean and maintained and use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. But even the best of them might suffer a break down at some stage – and that is when you might count your blessings for warranty insurance.


Top tips for protecting your appliances

Top tips for protecting your appliances

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Top tips for protecting your appliances

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Top tips for protecting your appliances

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Top tips for protecting your appliances

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Top tips for protecting your appliances

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Top tips for protecting your appliances

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