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5 top tips to save money on kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances can be among the most expensive purchases that you have to make for your home. See our 5 top tips to save money when you’re looking to buy a new fridge, freezer or washing machine… 

Kitchen appliances can be among the most expensive purchases that you have to make for your home. However, there is no getting away from the fact that they are must have items. Would you be able to manage without a washing machine, fridge freezer or cooker?

While they are costly, you may be able to save money on buying kitchen appliances, however. Read on for our top tips:

1. Purchase good quality used appliances

There are many websites and local free-ads newspapers offering used kitchen appliances and this may be one way of saving money. There are some good quality used appliances out there and you may be able to take advantage and save money by giving them a new home.

Generally the downside to purchasing a second hand item is that it isn’t covered by a warranty and you may struggle to find an insurance product or service plan which covers second hand appliances.

2. Purchase basic products from well-known names

There are many options when buying appliances. For instance washing machines start from the basic and go up to ones that offer everything you could ever need. The same applies to cookers, fridge freezers and other appliances.

If you are on a budget and you stick with the well-known brand names in kitchen appliances you can be sure that the build quality will be same whether they are top of the range or the basic models.

The basic models however typically cost less than those at the top end of the range. If you don’t need anything fancy this may be one way you can save money?

3. Consider buying at outlet shops

You may want to consider shopping for large kitchen appliances at outlet shops if you want to save money on buying kitchen appliances.

Often stores such as these offer older versions of products that are not being produced any longer. Some products may have a slight scratch on them. Others may have been returned by the buyer but there is nothing wrong with them. While some may have small cosmetic defects, this typically doesn’t detract from using them. Products such as these are typically cheaper.

4. Plan your purchase on a bank holiday weekend

A great way to make savings when buying large kitchen appliances is to plan your purchase around a bank holiday weekend. This is when many of the stores offer sales and this is when you may be able to save money.

The same applies to any type of holiday really, so look for deals on the run up to Christmas and Easter too.

5. Avoid expensive add-on warranty insurance at point of purchase

When purchasing the larger kitchen appliances such as washing machine and cookers, the store may try to persuade you to add on extended warranty insurance. This insurance typically offers extended protection once the standard warranty comes to an end.

While insurance is typically a good thing to have, as appliances can break down, you may wish to check out standalone extended warranty insurance from a specialist insurance provider such as ourselves. This may help you to save money on buying kitchen appliances. Purchasing extended warranty insurance with the product at the time of purchasing may boost the price tag up considerably. A standalone policy is typically more competitively priced and may offer more comprehensive cover.

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