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5 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Annually

The Boiler is core part of any home. It is vital to ensure that you look after your boiler and arrange to have to your boiler serviced by a qualified engineer on an annual basis.

Having a regular boiler service can go a long way to keep it running efficiently all year round. Here are 5 reasons why you should get your boiler serviced annually.

1. It can be cheaper in the long run…

Servicing your boiler can be a cost efficient way to keep your boiler running properly. A healthy and maintained boiler will most likely last longer than a boiler that hasn’t been serviced.

Boiler servicing probably costs less than you think, prices can start from as little as £60 (Excluding VAT). Therefore by ensuring your boiler has regular checks, it will definitely cost less than replacing your boiler entirely, as your boiler will be less likely to break down later on in life.

2. Identify and Prevent major boiler issues before they happen…

Although boilers are used all year round, you forget how much you rely on your boiler throughout the winter months. It not only provides hot water, but it keeps your home nice and warm.

By having a regular boiler service, it means a qualified engineer could catch any possible or current issues with your boiler and resolve these problems before they cause major damage. In the long run, minor issues will inevitably lead on to bigger predicaments if ignored. You don’t want your boiler to break down when you go to switch on the heating come November.

3. Keep you and your family safe…

The department of health released some daunting figures which say that 4000 people go to A&E each year with carbon monoxide poisoning.

This can be prevented by making sure gas appliances such as your boiler are properly installed and maintained regularly. Having your boiler serviced can give you and your family peace of mind knowing that potential health hazards have been averted.

4. Maintain a Valid Warranty or Insurance Policy…

It is common that boilers under guarantee or insured through a boiler insurance product, will need to be serviced annually in order to meet the terms of the warranty or insurance.

If you do not service your boiler for more than 12 months, this may void your warranty or insurance. Some companies will offer you a free or fixed cost boiler services as part of the insurance cover. The best thing you can do, is check the terms and conditions carefully or even contact the warranty or insurance provider, just to double check and make sure that you don’t get caught out.

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5. If your a Landlord it’s the Law!

If you rent out a property, you are required by law to have annual gas safety check carried out. This includes an annual boiler service as well as the CP12 Gas Certificate you will need to obtain if there are any other gas appliances present in the property.

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