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Policy Terms & Conditions


Policy Terms & Conditions


At Kaput Limited, We are committed to deliver exceptional customer service, based on our leading insurance products for Your household items. We pride ourselves in listening to all our consumers whilst developing our policies.

This insurance policy has been arranged for You by Kaput Limited. Kaput Limited are an appointed representative of Commercial and General Limited, who are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This booklet contains the full terms and conditions of Your policy. Please read it carefully. 


If You have any questions regarding the terms and conditions or You would like to make a claim, please do contact us using the details below. 

Post: KAPUT limited, Holton Business Park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN

Phone: 0800 999 7878

Email: enquiries@kaput.co.uk

Web: www.kaput.co.uk



This Insurance Policy has been arranged for You and is administered by Kaput Limited, whose offices are situated at Holton Business Park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN. Kaput Limited is an appointed Representative of Commercial and General Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 300001. Any questions, claims or complaints regarding this policy should initially be sent to Kaput Limited.


Authorised Engineer means an industry expert who is qualified to repair faults with the equipment and is authorised by Us prior attending the fault after which capable of providing VAT invoices.

Administrator, Our, We or Us means Kaput Limited, Holton Business Park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN

Betterment means the provision for the depreciation of the equipment over time. Betterment will be applied to the Equipment's purchase price at 10% per annum from the purchase date upon the proof of purchase.

Breakdown means mechanical or electrical fault which stops the equipment from working properly, as per manufacturer’s specification.

Certificate of Insurance means the document which is issued by Us as evidence of cover and forms part of this policy.

Equipment, Item means Your equipment as shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.

Exclusion Period this is the period of time where You cannot make a claim for any Equipment and/or Item on cover. The period is:

  • 30 days after the Start Date of Your policy.
  • 30 days after any change to Your policy in which you add any Equipment and/or Item to Your policy or replace existing insured Equipment.
  • 30 days after a late payment for Your Insurance Premium amount.

If an incident occurs within the 30 day exclusion period You will not be able to make a claim during that time or at any time in the future for that circumstance or any circumstances relating to it.

Insurer means Qudos Insurance A/S. Qudos Insurance A/S is registered in Denmark, company number 33956967, registered office, Kongevejen 371, DK 2840 Holte, Denmark

Period of Cover means the period during which this policy is in force as shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.

Premium means the monies You have agreed to pay for this policy as shown on Your certificate of insurance.

Proof of Purchase An original receipt relating to the equipment on cover. We will accept a credit card/bank statement showing the purchase of the new Equipment from a UK VAT registered company.

Start Date means the date this policy commences as shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.

You, Your, Policy Holder or Insured means the party set out on Your Certificate of Insurance who is entitled to cover under this policy.  


This insurance policy will last for a minimum of 12 months from the policy Start Date shown on Your Certificate of Insurance. This is an annual policy which can either be paid for monthly or annually by Direct Debit or Debit/Credit card payment. This insurance may be terminated immediately if We do not receive Your Premium when it is due.


(Subject to the provision of Betterment) You are able to make a claim under this policy for losses up to the value of £500 per claim, (including call out fees, repairs, replacements and VAT), subject to the below exclusions and limitations. This insurance policy does not have a cash value. We will adjust, replace or repair the Equipment during this period in case Your Equipment suffers any electrical or mechanical breakdown, during the period of cover. In the event that your Equipment cannot be repaired we will replace Your Equipment. If we cannot reasonably arrange a replacement, we will pay You a contribution towards the cost of replacing Your Equipment with Equipment of a similar size and specification. The contribution will be in the form of vouchers or if you decide to purchase your own Equipment, we will arrange to reimburse you the claims settlement value upon You providing evidence of Your receipt. Where We replace Your Equipment, it will remain Your responsibility to dispose of the old Equipment.

Please note, there is no limit on the number of claims You can make under this policy.


If You experience any issues with Your Equipment during the Period of Cover, You should call Our helpline on 0800 999 7878. You may also contact Us via e-mail on enquiries@kaput.co.uk or via Our website www.kaput.co.uk.Our claims line is open 5 days a week, 9am to 6 pm Monday to Friday  (excluding UK Public Holidays and Christmas Day). When making a claim, You will be required to provide particulars of the claim, proof of purchase and proof of the damage. In order to deal with Your claim fairly and promptly, We may require You to complete and return a claim form which will be provided. The consideration of Your claim may be delayed pending receipt of the requested information.

Please note, You can only make a claim under this policy if all due Premiums are paid and the date on which You are making the claim falls within the Period of Cover for Your Policy. Should Premiums be outstanding then this may invalidate Your insurance. If an excess is due, You will be required to pay this in full to the Administrator, prior to the claim proceeding. At the point of making a claim, the remaining premium balance, for the year, becomes due for the equipment the claim is being made for. In certain cases, We may request for further evidence to support Your claim. This may include but not limited to proof of ownership, identity and residence as well as photographic evidence to investigate the damage. We reserve the right to deny claims where claim statements are inconsistent or not supported with the evidence provided.


In the first instance We will try to resolve the issues You are having with Your Equipment through Our helpline. Our trained technical support team will be able to run basic diagnostics in order to try to have Your Equipment up and running straight away. If We are unable to resolve the matter over the phone, We will send an engineer to You to repair Your Equipment. You must always use Our approved engineer. When We are unable to provide an engineer, We may agree for You to arrange an engineer to repair the fault. In such unlikely cases, You will need to pay for the repair which We will reimburse You within 5-10 working days from the date We receive the repair invoice from You. Please note, in such cases, prior to any work being undertaken by Your engineer (s)he must contact Our technical helpline for an authorisation code. Without this the repair invoice will not be accepted. Our engineers are available for call outs 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays and Christmas Day).


During the first 30 days of Your policy

For any item identified on Your Certificate of Insurance, You will not be able to make a claim within the first 30 days of the policy Start Date or within registering an appliance whichever is the later.

Outside the first 30 days of the policy

You will be able to make a claim for losses up to the value of £500 per claim. Please note, if You make a claim within the first 3 months of the policy Start Date there will be an excess fee payable of £100 per claim to the Administrator.  Subsequent to the first 90 days of the policy, the excess will be £25 per claim.

Items over the age of 6 years old

There will be an additional excess payable of £25 should You make a claim on any item over the age of 6 years old, for each and every claim. 


Premium will be collected as a Card Payment/Direct Debit and will show as Kaput Colchester on Your bank statement. If paying by direct debit, please note that Kaput Ltd has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, Smart Debit Limited, to collect Your payments. Kaput Colchester will be shown on Your bank statement for these direct debit payments.

Should Your regular Premium payment fail, We will re-attempt to process it immediately thereafter. In case Your premium payment fails again, We will notify You in writing of the further failed payment and what You need to do to bring Your payments up to date. Please remember, failed payments may incur bank charges and may invalidate Your insurance.


The following are excluded from the cover provided under this insurance policy

1.   Repairs or replacements where such faults are covered under any other scheme or insurance policy (enforced or not);

2.   Where the equipment has been recalled by the manufacturer;

3.   Faults which are due to a generic manufacturing defect;

4.   Faults which arise from Your Equipment being modified in a manner which is not authorised by the manufacturer including but not limited to any upgrade or the addition of non-approved accessories;

5.   Faults resulting from You failing to follow the operating instructions of Your Equipment;

6.   Any claim where You use the Equipment for a non-domestic purpose or in a commercial environment;

7.   Any fault or damage which has been caused, directly or indirectly, by faults with the domestic supply of electricity and/or gas and/or water;

8.    Any fault or damage caused by any theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or damage caused by fire or explosion.

9.    Repairs for faults relating to a reduction in image retention on LCD, LED, plasma or projection TV screens; pixilation, gas discharge, re• gassing or image burn on any surface or screen. Pixilation means the failure of a Liquid Crystal Screen (LCD), Light-Emitting Diode screen (LED) or Plasma screen pixel to react to the signal applied to it.

10.  Faults or damage resulting from a software virus, the configuration of user settings, the backing up or recovery of data, the loss, corruption or damage of/to data or the operating system of the Equipment.

11.  Faults, damages or accidents caused by any unauthorised third party or engineer.

12.  Relocation or upgrade of any Items (software or physical) and damages arising thereof (unless approved and authorised by Us or/and is done in line with the manufacturer’s specification)

13.  Items over the age of 10 years old.

Where an engineer is sent to repair Your Equipment, You will be liable to pay for the reasonable call out costs where no fault is found with Your Equipment. If the engineer is denied reasonable and safe access to Your property and/or the Item concerned, You will be liable for all the call-out costs.

The policy does not cover the following:

1.    Routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing;

2.    Accidental Damage;

3.    Rust/corrosion or wear and tear and faults or damage resulting therefrom;

4.    Work which You require to take place outside of Our engineer's normal working hours;

5.    Equipment which has to be repaired outside of the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland;

6.    Any costs which are incurred as a result of not being able to use Your Equipment;

7.    Any damage to property or personal injury;

8.    Any costs which do not result from the event giving rise to a claim;

9.    The replacement of any Item which is intended to be replaceable such as fuses and batteries;

10.  Cosmetic damage which does not affect the use of Your Equipment;

11.  Equipment and/or connected  cables  which  has  not  been  installed  properly  or  is  not a standard installation;

12.  Equipment which was not working in accordance with the manufacturer's specification before the policy was taken out, including pre-existing fault.

13.  Costs of rearranging missed appointments with couriers/engineers;

14.  Any repairs not carried out by one of Our approved engineers and repairs/attempted repairs which We have not authorised;

15.  Any upgrade work or upgrades/modification, relocation of items (or part of items) or faults arising thereof.

16.  Delivery and/or installation of replacement items or removal of the item(s) to be replaced.

17.  Relocation or upgrade of any items (software or physical) and damages arising thereof (unless approved and authorised by Us/or done in line with manufacturers specification). Relocation includes movements within or outside of Your address as shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Prior to moving Your insured Item do ensure that receive written confirmation so that We can confirm coverage for the relocation.

18.  Any faults or damage occurred prior to the Start Date of the policy. 

We will not provide services under this Policy if We are prevented from doing so as a result of an unusual or unforeseeable event or circumstance beyond Our reasonable control ('Force Majeure'). This would include, but is not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought, major adverse weather conditions, levels of water in rivers and Acts of God. 

Additional Exclusions for the Satellite Insurance Policy 

1.  Rust or corrosion damage to the mini-dish and the Low Noise Block ( LNB);

2.  Loss or damage to interactive or viewing cards;

3.  Loss of programs/recordings saved to the hard drive of Your equipment;

4.  Components of an integrated digital television;

5.  Faults in the broadband connection;


You must not act in a fraudulent way. If you or anyone acting for You on Your behalf:

- makes a claim under the insurance knowing the claim to be false or exaggerated in any way; or

- makes a statement in support of a claim knowing the statement to be false in any way; or

- sends the administrator any documentation in support of a claim knowing the documentation to be forged or false in any way;or

- makes a claim for any loss caused by Your deliberate act or with Your agreement, then the Insurer:

o     will not pay the claim or any other claim which has been or will be made under this insurancepolicy;

o     may declare the insurancevoid;

o     will be entitled to recover from You the amount of any claim already paid under theinsurance;

o     will not return any of the Premiums;

o     may pass Your details to the authorities should it become necessaryfor investigativepurposes.

We reserve the right to terminate the policy when We identify any false information You provided or if fraudulent claim is established.


You may cancel this policy at any time by contacting Us, on the contact details below, in writing. Cancellation requests must give 14 days advance notice during which time any due payments will be collected. Please quote the policy number shown in the Certificate of Insurance when cancelling. All policy documents and the Certificate of Insurance must be returned with the cancellation request.

You must contact Us with cancellation request prior informing Your bank.

A.  Should You choose to cancel the policy within 14 days of receiving the policy documents or the Start Date of Your policy (whichever is later), You will receive a full refund of any Premiums paid and the cancellation will be effectiveimmediately.

B.  This Policy will be cancelled on request once any outstanding payments have been received.  If You have made a claim during the policy period, We reserve the right to deduct the cost of that claim from any refund of Premium which is due to You. We will tell You if We are making thisdeduction.

Upon cancellation, You will not be charged any more monthly Premium amounts and You will not receive a refund of any premium You have paid to Us. For annual policies, You will be entitled to a pro-rata return of premium for the number of complete unexpired months remaining of Your policy less an administration fee of £15. You will not be entitled to a pro-rata refund if a claim or an incident that may give rise to a claim has occurred.


Kaput Ltd, Holton Business park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN

Telephone: 0800 999 7878

Email: enquiries@kaput.co.uk


For annual and monthly policies, We will contact You at least 21 days before this policy is due for renewal to notify You that this policy will renew automatically. If You do not ask Us to cancel this policy, We will take a payment for the renewal premium as detailed in the renewal correspondence We send You.


Insurer Information 

This insurance is underwritten by Qudos Insurance A/S. Qudos Insurance A/S which is registered in Denmark (company number 33956967), and whose registered office is located at Kongevejen 371, DK 2840 Holte, Denmark.

Policy Administrator

This policy is administered by Kaput Limited, which is a company registered in England and Wales – (Company number 09058922), and whose registered office is located at Holton Business Park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN and who is an appointed representative of Commercial and General Ltd. Commercial and General Ltd’s is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 300001). This information can be checked by visiting the FCA’s website https://register.fca.org.uk/


Qudos Insurance A/S is covered under the Forsikrings Garantifond and this is Your first point of claim for financial compensation in the event of any financial failure of the Insurer. Cover also exists under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This provides compensation in case any of its members are unable, in specified circumstances, to meet any valid claims under their policies. Under this scheme most insurance contracts are covered up to 90% of the total claim. Compensation is only available to commercial customers in limited circumstances. Further information can be obtained from the Insurer, or from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme at the following address: Financial Services Compensation Scheme, 10th Floor, Beaufort House, 15 St Botolph Street, London, EC3A 7QU.Tel:08006781100 or 0207 741 4100.

Email: complaint-info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk


If You are dissatisfied with the service, You are provided with by Us or under this policy please contact Us using the contact details below quoting Your policy number.

Post:                        KAPUT  LTD, Holton Business Park, Hadleigh Road, Holton St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6NN

Telephone:             0800 999 7878

Email:                      enquiries@kaput.co.uk

If You are dissatisfied with the response You receive in relation to Your complaint or Your complaint is not resolved within 8 weeks, You have the right to refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You may contact the Financial Ombudsman at:

Post                         Financial Ombudsman  Service  (FOS),  South  Quay  Plaza,  183 Marsh Wall, London, E149SR.

Telephone:             08000 234 567 (free for people phoning from a fixed line) or 0300 1239123

Email:                      complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Following this complaints procedure does not affect Your right to take legal action.


Please read this notice as it explains the purposes for which the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We will use Your personal information.

Each of the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd and Us are data controllers (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) of the personal information each of them collects about You in connection with this policy. Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:

(a)  for administration of this policy including, but not limited to, underwriting, administration and claims handling;

(b)  to communicate with You in connection with this policy;

(c)  for internal analysis and research;

(d)  to comply with legal and regulatory requirements;

(e)  to help prevent, detect or deal with crime or fraud.

Each of the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd and Us use agents and service providers to collect, hold and process on its behalf Your personal information for the purposes set out in this policy. These agents and service providers act on the Insurer's, Commercial and General Ltd or Our instructions (as applicable) and will only use information as the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd or We tell them to. Kaput Ltd. may also need to transfer Your personal data to third parties in countries outside the European Economic Area in confidence.

The Insurer, Commercial and General Lt. and We may disclose Your personal information to third parties (including to the police, other governmental bodies and other insurers) as required by law or if the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We think the disclosure may help to prevent, detect and deal with crime or fraud.

In Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, You have the right to ask for a copy of the information the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We hold about You (for which the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We may charge a small fee). If You find at any time that any of the information the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We hold about You is incorrect then You should promptly notify the Insurer, Commercial and General t Ltd. or Us and the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or We (as appropriate) will correct the inaccuracy.

By accepting this insurance, You signify Your consent to the above and for Your information (including Your personal details) to be processed by Us and our agents.

You can contact the Insurer, Commercial and General Ltd. or Us about privacy issues or comment or complain about the Insurer's, Commercial and General Ltd, or Our privacy practices.


You are not permitted to assign to another person(s) or change in any way the rights under this Policy without the written consent of the Insurer or its agent, acting on its behalf.


Nothing in this Policy is intended to confer a directly enforceable benefit on any other party and therefore the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 do not apply.


This Policy, and any dispute concerning its interpretation, is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the jurisdiction of the English Courts will apply. We will communicate in English.