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Landlord Insurance

We Want To Help You Protect Your Investment.

With KAPUT Insurance, we give you the peace mind to not only make sure your property is covered against unwelcoming difficulties, but to help you forecast your profits with more reliability.

As a landlord, we appreciate that when things go KAPUT in a rental property that you own, you don’t need the hassle of trying to rectify the problems yourself. There are plenty of potential obstacles to overcome from damage to your buildings or possessions to a loss of rental income. Most insurance policies for landlords follow a once size fits all approach, which would be great if we were all the same, but we’re not!

Our comprehensive and affordable Residential Let insurance is geared up to let you customise the cover to meet your needs. Best of all we can cover almost any type of let for professionals, students, DSS and Asylum Seekers.

What is Landlord Insurance

Landlord or Buy to Let Insurance is not a legal requirement but it is highly recommended. Depending on a wide range of insurers that KAPUT works with, your requirements and let property details, we will tailor the cover of your buy to let property insurance accordingly. Generally the cover provided by insurers is for perils like fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, subsidence, riot, escape of water, ground heave or land slip, theft and malicious damage. Getting the right landlord insurance is a necessity as the standard residential home owners insurance does not cover as many risks and is not specialised enough. Especially when it comes to property owner’s liability which is included as standard in our landlord insurance cover.

Property owner’s liability provides cover against any claim that may arise to where the tenant incurs an injury. We advise you to carefully read policy terms and conditions together with complete quotation details prior to proceeding with any insurance cover.

Whether rented or not any buildings and contents are subject to a considerable risk of damage or unexpected incidents, however rented properties tend to carry such risks most frequently. After all renting means that you are probably letting a complete stranger use your property.. Buying a property to live in or to let out tends to be one of the biggest investments one will make. Therefore getting adequate buy to let insurance to secure such an investment should be of paramount importance.

Our range of rented property insurance covers properties of all types & sizes. What’s more, we cover also includes accidental damage, public liability and loss of rent as standard. Our residential landlord insurance covers buy to let properties regardless of their location anywhere in the United Kingdom so why not get a quote for landlord building insurance and/or landlord contents insurance through KAPUT.

Online Account 24/7

Access your online account 24/7. Whether you simply want to view your policy documents, request to make changes or make a claim, you can do so easily through your unique online account.

Easy Communication

If you have any enquiries regarding your policy, billing information, or questions regarding your claim, get in touch via Live Chat, the contact form, telephone, post, email or via our Twitter support page @kaput_support. See our contact page for more information.

Quick Cover

Our simple to use website and efficient application process, should make sure that you have a trouble-free journey, when trying to purchase any of our insurance policy’s which you need to cover those everyday items.