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Complete Home Emergency Cover

Get the ultimate home emergency protection.

Insure your home against the main emergencies that could cause you and your family a real headache.

Our new affordable Home Emergency Cover will help you deal with a range of unexpected emergencies which can strike at any time. It may be burst pipe or an infestation of wasps, which means you need our help to get these issues resolved as quick as possible.

Water Supply

Leakage, collapse, or blockage of the mains water supply between your home stopcock and public/shared water supply

Plumbing & Drainage

Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing & drainage system, including the toilet(s).

Electricity Supply

Restore electricity supply following an emergency or complete failure.

Boiler & Heating

Complete failure of, or damage to of the primary heating system.

Complete Home Emergency Cover

Get the ultimate protection for your home or a rented property that you own, at an affordable price.

Inhabitable Accomadation

Where an emergency renders your home unsafe according to our contractor, the cost of alternative accommodation

Home Security

Damage or failure of locks or loss of keys & you are unable to access or secure your home.

Roof, Window, Lock & Door

Damage to the roof, external lock, door or window from adverse weather conditions.

Pest Infestation

Removal or extermination of hornets; wasps; mice and more.

Online Account 24/7

Access your online account 24/7. Whether you simply want to view your policy documents, request to make changes or make a claim, you can do so easily through your unique online account.

Easy Communication

If you have any enquiries regarding your policy, billing information, or questions regarding your claim, get in touch via Live Chat, the contact form, telephone, post, email or via our Twitter support page @kaput_support. See our contact page for more information.

Quick Cover

Our simple to use website and efficient application process, should make sure that you have a trouble-free journey, when trying to purchase any of our insurance policy’s which you need to cover those everyday items.

  • Unlimited Claims
  • Up to £4000 per claim
  • Optional Excess (No excess available)
  • Call outs, Parts & Labour Included
  • 24 Hour Claims Line
  • If the boiler is under seven years old, we will provide a suitable replacement boiler of a similar make and model. We cannot guarantee the make or model or that it will be fitted in the same place. In the event your domestic boiler is declared beyond economic repair and is seven years or older, we will make a contribution of £300 towards replacing it.
  • Cover for alternative accommodation should the property become uninhabitable
  • Where a permanent repair is completed under your policy by an approved engineer, we will guarantee the work completed for 12 months from the date of claim.
  • Failure of, or damage to, the electricity supply.
  • Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing and drainage system, including the toilet(s) which causes internal water leakage; flooding; or water damage.
  • Complete failure of the primary heating system.
  • Leakage, collapse, or blockage of the mains water supply between the stopcock in your home and the point where it is connected to the public or shared water supply.
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged section of internal gas supply pipe following a gas leak.
  • Where an emergency renders your home unsafe according to our approved contractor, the cost of alternative accommodation
  • Removal or extermination of grey squirrels; hornets; wasps; rats and mice.
  • Damage to the roof resulting from adverse weather conditions, or falling trees or branches.
  • Failure of, or damage to, external locks where you are unable to access your home, or are unable to secure it.

Our Home Emergency Cover is there to give you peace of mind in the event of a unexpected home emergency. Although we want to help you as much as we can during difficulties such as home emergencies, we cannot cover all problems which occur. Please see the key policy exclusions below and you can read all the policy exclusions on our policy terms and conditions document.

  • Routine maintenance or an issue which is not an emergency
  • Loss of, or damage to, electricity supply where the whole of your home is not affected.
  • Leaks from sinks, baths, or showers where the leak only occurs when the item is in use.
  • Loss of hot water if there is an alternative means of heating water, for example: an immersion heater.
  • The repair or replacement of parts if your boiler is deemed beyond economical repair.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Gas leaks where the leak has not been isolated and made safe by the gas distributor.
  • Flat roofs.
  • Damage caused by theft or attempted theft.
  • Double glazed windows unless both panes of glass have been damaged.
  • Loss of keys where an alternative set is available for you to use.
  • Replacement glazing unless the appropriate glazing is available at the time of the assistance visit.
  • Wear and tear or lack of maintenance.
  • The policy excess.
  • More claims than the call out limit.